DealCards are hybrid plastic discount cards with additional online benefits.  Cardholders save hundreds of dollars with each card, while supporting their local businesses and your group.  Additional coupons are periodically sent to registered cardholders at no charge.

Turnkey Fundraiser Program Designed to Succeed Now, and Grow

DealCards gives your organization a unique way to fundraise.  Not just your average discount card, DealCards are built to provide real value, promote local businesses, and give your group a long term plan for how to increase your fundraising over time.

It works well in any type of economic environment (even a recession), and it’s a win/win for everyone involved.

Has Value. Easy to Sell.

Ever feel like you are begging when selling fundraiser products?  DealCards have value, and are easy to sell.  With the easy to carry plastic card, it’s always with your customers to save.  And, additional special offers sent periodically are an added bonus.

No up front costs. Easy to run.

We work with local businesses in your area to set up discounts. These discounts, listed on a credit card sized durable plastic card, as well as on the DealCards web site, are reusable until the card expires.

DealCards supplies your organization the cards to sell. You simply return what you don’t sell. There’s no catch, it’s that easy.

50% Profit, Minimum

Cards generally sell for $10, and your group keeps $5 for each card sold. Further discounts available for pre-paid orders, and custom programs.

But, the key for you is the way DealCards help your fundraising grow over time. Ask us, and we’ll explain.